The user stores energy from damage taken over 2 turns.


The user releases that energy on the third turn.

Bide is a Light type move that happens over two turns and deals damage on the third. This move works by storing the damage dealt to it during these two turns, then returning it with double the damage. Because of this, if no damage is dealt during these two turns, the move will do no damage on the third turn. A good strategy to use in this case would be to use these two turns using stat modifier moves like Giggle or Tail Whip. Also, damage done as after effects of a move, such as the Squeeze Hug's damage at the end of every turn, does not count towards damage returned through Bide.

Ponies that learn this move: 

Y Trixie, Trixie - Lvl ??

Ppmt Twist - Lvl 30

Slvr Spoon - Lvl 9

CScootaloo , Scootaloo - Lvl 7

Y Lyra , Lyra - Lvl 7


"The user endures attacks for two turns, then strikes back double."


Type Power Accuracy PP
Light NA 100 10
DISCLAIMER: More ponies may need to be added with more expansions.