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Moves are a series of attacks and abilities which the Ponymon are capable of learning and using. A Ponymon may only learn 4 different moves and the moves can, in most cases, only be used inside battle, however, there are exceptions.

Move Learning

These are the possible ways of learning moves for Ponymon

  • By leveling up, Ponymon learn moves naturally related to them when they reach certain levels
  • By TMs and HMs, however, as far as version 0.32 all of them are glitched
  • By a move tutor
    • Aditionally, there is a special tutor located in the Sevii Islands that allows Ponymon to remember forgotten moves

If the Ponymon reaches a level in which it learns a new move in the daycare center, then the Ponymon will always replace the first move of it's moveslot or to an empty space of this.


  • Type: it determines the damage output on the Ponymon receiving the attack depending of the type of this. The type may multiply the damage by 0.25, 0.5 (the message "It's not very effective" will be shown) 1 (no message appears), 2, 4 ("It's super effective" will be displayed) or even 0 (it didn't affect enemy X). Non damaging moves don't have any benefit from their type, however they will still be nullified if the defending Ponymon is immune to the type of the move. (In alpha 0.32, the only immunity is the element Chaos against itself)
  • Potency: Only damaging moves benefit from this. The potency alterates the damage output according to the formula below
  • Precision: affect the chances of the move landing on the opponent. Moves affecting the user usually have perfect accuracy. Usually powerful moves have their precision under a 100% to equilibrate them with less powerful moves
  • Power Points (PP) Indicates the amount of times the move can be used before rendering useless. Each time a move is used in combat its PP is reduced by one. A move cannot be used in combat if its PPs is zero. If a Ponymon has all its moves down to zero PP or under circumstances it cannot use any move then it will use Struggle. Usually powerful moves have low maximum PP to prevent indiscrimate use of them.
  • Objetive: primarily relevant only in double battles, it determines which Ponymon the move will affect (one foe, both foes, the user, the user and the ally, the foes and the ally or all the Ponymon)
  • Secondary effect: some moves have a percentual chance of triggering a secondary effect. This secondary effect may be the infliction of a status ailment (Dizzy Strike for example has a 20% chance of confusing the oponent), some stat modification (Icy Fresh has a 20% chance of lowering the speed of the enemy by 1 stage) or the imposition of special conditions (obligate the Ponymon to rest for a turn after or before a move has been made)
  • Contact: if a move is physical, it will make contact with the opponent and it won't if the move is of special category. Since the abilities haven't been implemented yet there is actually no purpose.
  • Priority: it can alter the moment of action in one turn of the move despite the speed of the Ponymon. For more info see the page Priority
  • Sound:some moves are based on sound such as Giggle or Growl, however since abilities are not implemented this serves no purpose as well
  • Same Type Attack Bonus STAB adds 50% to the Base Power when the attack matches the Ponymon Type.

Damage formula

Damage Formula.png

  • Level is the level of the attacking Ponymon
  • Attack is the value of the attack stat of the Ponymon attacking, and Defense is the value for the defense stat of the Ponymon receiving the attack. If it's a special attack, the Sp. attack value substitutes the attack, and the Sp. defense value substitutes the defense.
  • Base is the base power of each move (for example, Hoof Stomp has a base power of 45).

Modifier: Modifier formula.png

  • STAB means "same type attack bonus". When a Ponymon uses a damaging move, if the type of move matches the type of Ponymon using the move, the STAB value is 1.5. If the move does not match the Ponymon's type, the formula uses 1 for this value.
  • Type is effectiveness, it can take values of 0.25, 0.5 (it's not very effective) 1, 2 or 4 (it's super effective). This depends of the type of the move used and the type of the defending Ponymon. If one of the defending Ponymon's types is resistant to a move type, the value will be 0.5. If both types are resistant to the move it will be 0.25. In retrospect if one type is weak to a move the value is 2, and if both types are weak against it, the value is 4. If however one type is weak and the other is resistant, they cancel each other out and the value remains at 1 (much the same as if there were no weakness or resistance on either type.)
  • Critical, if the move is a critical hit, it takes value of 2, otherwise is 1
  • Other is modified by factors such as held items, weather, field advantages, etc.
  • rand is a random number between 0.85 and 1


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