(These are the known official versions of Ponymon Dawn/Dusk)


Latest update picture for version 0.5

The page Version History has update information on these and other versions of Ponymon Dawn/Dusk.

I would like to release it as a patch to an original FireRed 1.1 ROM at first, but will likely make patches for other versions like LeafGreen 1.1 after filling the Ponydex #152 and on. I will include the roms.ini for PGE to see stats or tinker with the game. I will also include the modified HexEdit to read and edit pokétext characters directly. --BlackOak42

Ponymon Downloads

These are the official downloads for the game that are available for download.

(Versions previous to 0.3 are unavailable for download.)

Ponymon Version 0.3


Ponymon Version 0.32


Ponymon Version 0.4 (current)


Ponymon Version 0.5 (Next Version)

See Progress on the next Ponymon Dawn Dusk update for more details. More info can be seen on the Version History page.

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