Honesty Pony
Artwork General
Regional Ponydex: #3
Evolves From: multiple
Evolves Into: multiple
First Appeared: First Gen
Pronunciation: ga-la-appl-jack
Sprite(s): 003 003
Base Stats Biological Details
HP: 110 Species: Honesty Pony
Attack: 110 Type(s): Honesty/Spirit
Defense: 95 Height: Not Implemented
Special Atk: 75 Weight: Not Implemented
Special Def: 65 Abilities:  ???
Speed: 75 Ponydex Color: Orange
Stat Total: 530 Gender: 100% ♀
    Cry: [[File:{{{cry}}}]]
AJ galla left

Ponydex Entry

0.4: G AJACKS will often give apples to ponies they know for little to no cost.

New: GALA APPLEJACK will often give apples or apple treats to friends for little to no cost.



Evolves from APPLEJACK - lvl 32

N AJACK - TBA - Nightmare Night costume Applejack

D AJACK - TBA - Discorded Applejack

SMART COOKIE - TBA - Hearth's Warming Eve costume Applejack

Y AJACK - TBA - Element of Harmony Applejack


Evolves from NApplejack - (Water stone) - Nightmare Night costume Applejack

Evolves from DApplejack - (Water stone) - Discorded Applejack

Evolves from SmrtCookie - (Water stone) - Hearth's Warming Eve costume Applejack

Evolves from HApplejack - (Water stone) - Element of Harmony Applejack 

Evolves to NApplejack - Moon Stone - Nightmare Night costume Applejack

Evolves to DApplejack - Thunder Stone - Discorded Applejack

Evolves to SmrtCookie - (Fire Stone) - Hearth's Warming Eve costume Applejack

Evolves to HApplejack - Sun Stone - Element of Harmony Applejack 



Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP


Hoof Stomp

Light Attack 35 100 35
Start Tail Whip Light Attack N/A 100 30
7 True Hit Honesty Attack 40 N/A 30
11 Lasso Honesty Status N/A 95 40
20 Double Kick Light Attack 30(x2) 100 30
24 Vital Throw Honesty Attack 65 100 20

Catch Area

0.4: Currently, G AJACK can not be caught in an area. The only way to obtain one is to evolve F AJACK to APPLEJACK, then to G AJACK. 


  • Coming soon!


G AJACK, the Honesty Pony. An Honesty/Courage type, this pony evolves from a starter in Ponymon Dawn.