Hoof stomp

Self explanatory

Hoof Stomp is a basic Light attack that most ponies start out with unless they have Hoof Stamp . It has a low probability of making the foe flinch


Y Big Mac - lvl ??, Y Bon Bon - lvl ??, Y Minuette - lvl ??, Scootaloo - lvl ??, YPinkiePie - lvl ??, AppleBloom - lvl ??, YCheerilee - lvl ??, Y Lyra - lvl ??, Y Zecora - lvl ??, SwtieBelle - lvl ??, Y Rarity - lvl ??


"The foe is stomped with a hoof. It may make the foe flinch."


Type Power Accuracy PP
Light 45 100 35

Disclaimer: More ponies may need to be added with more expansions.
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