Ponymon center

It looks like a pokemon center, but it's totally different

A Ponymon Center is a place where you can heal your Ponymon. Ponymon Centers are located throughout Equestria in major towns, and outside of major caves.

Main Aspects

First floor

We can see the nurse at the top and a PC at the right

First Plant

There is a nurse that will fully restore all Ponymon in your party. She takes puts them on a machine that heals your Ponymon before returning them to you. When she hands them back, and bids a pleasent farewell to the player.

Second floor

from left to right: information wireless club Trade and battling

Second Plant

In the second plant you can connect with other bronies to trade Ponymon or have battles. If you want to know how to connect to a multiplayer server, read this link that will bring you to one of our collaborator pages which explains with detail how to connect with other people.


if you look closely, you can see the pixels

The PC

There is a PC in each plant of the center. Standing in front of the PC and pressing A will open a menu which gives the choice to open "Someone's PC", "Player's PC", or "Prof. Oak's PC". Someone's PC allows you to store your Ponymon. You can deposit Ponymon from your party, and withdraw Ponymon you want to add to your party. Player's PC is an item storage system that allows you to withdraw and deposit items. Prof. Oak's PC allows you to get your Ponydex rated by Prof. Oak without having to travel back to Sweet Apple Acres.