BlackOak42- These are a peek at the 0.5 version.

We are leaving this page available till the official updates are continued. This page was added by a member of another project in hopes that it would keep interest going with this game mod. Since then his own project collapsed and most of the team on this project left.

Now we are making a comeback and Ponymon Dawn/Dusk is undergoing a major overhaul. See more on these pages:

Ponymon Dawn by Discord-Drocsid (Unofficial Version)

Ponymon Dawn(Not Dusk) 0.4.1 has been brought to you by Discord-Drocsid of the Ponymon Anarchy Project.

Sorry that there is no Dusk version. (Unofficial Version)

So I noticed that Dawn/Dusk has been dead for (checks watch)....too long. So last August, of 2013, I decided to make a more updated version of this game. Due to lack of patience, I only got thru working on the Ponymon Dawn version. Though if I am correct, you can still technically use the version file from Dusk under this Dawn game. I haven't checked in a while. I am only doing this from the goodness of my own heart and I will not plan on making the Dusk version 0.4.1 since I am still working on my own Ponymon Anarchy 2.0 game.

Download link (Unofficial Version)

If you wish to contact me I have numerous online accounts across the internet but if you want to be more immediate than you may wish to contact me on my skype account: aaallen23 / "O'ograth the Cursed in the Hat"

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