Present dealing damage.

Present is a physical move that does one of either two things; It can cause damage or it can heal your opponents health at a 20% chance.

Ponies that learn this move:

YPinkiePie (level 17), Pinkie Pie (level 17), GPinkiePie (level 17), Ppmt Twist (level 18)


"The foe is given a booby-trapped gift. It restores HP sometimes, however."
Present healing

present healing the foe


Type Power Accuracy PP
Light N/A 90 15
Effect Probability
Damage with 40 base power 40%
Damage with 80 base power 30%
Damage with 120 base power 10%
Heals the target by up to 80HP 20%
DISCLAIMER: More ponies may need to be added upon further expansions.