F Bon Bon uses rest to recover HP

Rest is a Magic recovery move that allows a Ponymon to recover from HP damage and status problems , however, the Ponymon remains asleep for two turns and cannot attack during these turns. Ponies can still take damage while they're asleep.

Ponies that learn this move are: Y Roseluck, Roseluck - Lvl 18

Y Bon Bon, Bon Bon - Lvl 12

Y Minuette, Minuette - Lvl 23

YApplejack - Lvl 19

YFluttrshy, Fluttershy, GFluttrshy - Lvl 19

Y Lyra, Lyra - Lvl 29


"The user sleeps for two turns to fully restore HP and heal any status problem."


Type Power Accuracy PP
Magic NA NA 10
DISCLAIMER: More ponies may need to be added with further expansions.