Route 4 map

Route 4 in Equestria.

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Route 4 is an east to west route in Dawn/Dusk, stretching between Route 3 and Manehattan.



The western portion before Mt. Moon's entrance features sandy landscape  with rocks and ledges, and is bordered by cliffs. There is also a Ponymon Center. The eastern portion of this route is very green with trees, bushes, ledges and tall grass. Located near the Mt. Moon exit, two move tutors will teach a Ponymon the moves Mega Punch and Mega Kick.

Once you jump down the ledges and continue into Manehattan, there is no way to get back to Mt. Moon, or Vanhoover for that matter. As such, it is a good idea to catch all the ponies and battle all the trainers from the first part of the game BEFORE jumping down the ledges and proceeding to Manehattan, as there is currently no way to go back without using cheat codes.


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Pony Level % Encounter Rate
YCheerilee Lv. 6 10%
Lv. 8 14%
Lv. 10 14%
Y BryPunch
Lv. 8 10%
Lv. 10 20%
Lv. 12 5%
YGldnHrvst Lv. 10 20%
Lv. 12 6%
Y Derpy Lv. 12 1%

Dumb-Bell: Purchase for 500bits from a man in the Ponymon Center


Persim Berry: *hidden item* Found in the middle of the rock triangle to the west of the Ponymon Center.

Great Ball: *hidden item* On the plateau directly east from Mt. Moon's exit.

TM 05 (Growl): Second highest hill

Razz Berry: *hidden item* Near the trees south of TM05.


Lass Chrissy (unreachable without cheats as of alpha 0.32 )

C AplBloom Lv. 31

CScootaloo Lv. 31

C AplBloom Lv. 31