Status ailments are different conditions that can affect the Ponymon's ability to fight. They can be divided into volatile and non-volatile ailments. Volatile ailments disappear when the battle ends or the Ponymon is switched; non-volatile ailments persist after battle and require some medicine or going to a Ponymon Center in order to heal the status.



there is a 25% chance of this happening


The affected Ponymon's speed is lowered by 75% and has a 25% chance of doing nothing each turn. This means that it's very likely to move last.



The affected Ponymon cannot perform any action for 1 to 5 turns. Each turn it has a chance of waking up and moving.


The affected Ponymon recieves damage equal to a 1/8 of it's total HP at the end of each turn. Its attack stat is also halved.


The Ponymon cannot perform any action. Every turn it has a 20% chance of defrosting unless it's raining or hailing. In those cases it's impossible to defrost. If there is a sunny day it's impossible to cause this status, but it doesn't provide faster defrosting.


The affected Ponymon loses 1/8 of it's total HP every turn. In the overworld, the Ponymon will lose 1 HP for every four steps the player takes.

Bad poison:

There is also Bad posion status which damages the Ponymon by 1/16 of its total hp then increases 1/16 each turn (first turn 1/16, second 2/16 third 3/16, etc.). Since the whole movepool is not released yet, I can't tell which moves produces one status or the other. However it is good to know that if a Ponymon with bad poisoning is changed during battle or the battle ends the status changes to normal poisoning.



birds, makes sense...


If the Ponymon is confused it has a 50% chance of hurting itself with a damage of 40 by physical attack. It last from 1 to four attacking turns, this means that if the Ponymon lost a turn and doesn't try to attack (like being paralysed), it won't affect the counter.


An enamored Ponymon cannot attack 50% of the time. Contrary to popular belief, it won't attack even if the enemy is not the one that inflicted the status.


Flinching prevents the ponymon from moving in its turn. This happens when moves cappable of flinching such as Hoof Stomp hit the pony and the effect triggers.