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Okay, I feel like it's finally time to edit my talk page since it's been so long.

I am Computerstickman, who previously worked on ponymon and released 0.4, but now I'm more on the side of the project helping now and then. I've done the main parts, like code, and a handful of sprites that I'm still currently creating.

This project will always be close to me, wherever it goes, because it was one of the first video game related things I ever worked on, and brought me into a great, yet small, community that loved what I did. It sparked my love for video game creation, which is what I strive to be my main profession. I would also say that this sparked my creativity in some other ways as well.

If you would like so see more of my creativity and what I might do in the future (I make a good amount of art) check out my deviantart!

My tumblr blog has some art, but it's mostly for silly little posts.

I have an art blog as well, but I don't use it as much as my deviantart.

I have a youtube too, but I don't post anything (for now)



Here's my old profile message just if you're curious \/ \/

Well hello! Hello! Hello!

It seems that you have stumbled apon my page! Well Yes! I am currently working on ponymon! Thats me!

Hey, you can find her on a secret spot on one of the islands


Well aside from that...

Ah, i remember when I was a little filly (more like a year ago) and was watching playthoughs of this and sat there in awe thinking, "Wow! Those people who made this must be really cool! I wonder how they did this!" Yes, I was and oblivious to the process of rom hacking back then. But look where I am now!

You know, my idea when i started my first rom hack was "It's gonna be easy! I'll go inside the file, (as in using something like a regular folder) and replace some things there!" HaHa! was I wrong. But that project is what got me here today! (that means check it out. You dont have to download it, but look at the page.)