(I should point out if you read this, make sure to note that by "my project", "my ROM", or "my game" I mean by me and for me. I intend to add only data that I create, or the owner(s) already owns and posses)

I have applied for adoption of the Ponymon Dawn/Dusk with joint ownership with Computerstickman.

See update below​

I have been all over the posts and profiles around here trying to find an admin or developer for this project to see if there is any more data to be gained for the project I am working on. I have even followed those leads onto other sites. I am hoping especially to find Computerstickman, since she was/is the last active member as far as I could find, to see if she can at least help me find the team data or the direction it was taking so I can plug it into what I have to dump into my game. I would appreciate any help from anyone that can sucsessfully get me in contact with any admin or of the official Ponymon game developer team. I would like to discuss the admin and/or ownership of this site or at least a cleanup and standardization of the pages. I love the format, interface, and layout, but the content needs quite a bit of cleanup. I would also like to discuss the available data and development plan for the game discussed in this project. I like the path and direction the game development was heading, and hope the original team is almost done with their alpha like my project is quickly approaching. My family and friends love Ponymon Dawn, and I hope you do too. Even if you cannot help find this communities admins or game developers, please do not give up on Ponymon Dawn yet.


I found computerstickman and am discussing many things about her project, my project and this site. I still have a long list of things to discuss, but I don't believe it should take long. Please visit regularly to  check the progress on my project I think of as "Revive" which is to get the Ponymon Dawn/Dusk moving again.