Ponymon Type Changelog Pre V0.5

Hello, I'm Kawagiri. This is my first blog (ever), and I've recently begun assisting BlackOak42 on setting up types for all current Ponymon which have yet to have types assigned to them.

As such I would like to also make you aware of 2 current changes to the typing list which you won't have seen included before:

  • ====Beast====
  • ====Trickster====

The "Beast" type will cover animalistic traits of Ponymon, ranging from big lumbering beasts such as the Ursa Major or cute and cuddly like some of the pets that would have moves that wouldn't necessarily fit into regular Ponymon typing, Whilst Trickster will be used for Ponymon which are mischievous, or simply tricky. Ponymon such as Flim, Flam and Trixie will be subject to this new type. Some Ponymon you currently use may see their types change in the future, and you will be able to see a current draft of proposed changes on this page. Any notes next to the Ponymon are for future reference or for clarification on the current decision between myself and BlackOak42. Please bear in mind "Flying" type is currently to be reserved for particularly skilled flyers, whilst regular flyers and poor flyers will most likely have the "Levitate" ability which will probably be rebranded to "Flight". This is currently to draw more emphasis on particularly good flyers. (This also allows in some cases such as Rainbow Dash, who will cover different secondary typings, to still retain the ability of flight for avoiding ground based moves without the need of the typing.)

Below is a list of all Ponymon which previously had no type, and some existing ones which have been changed.

Proposed Ponymon Type Changelog for V0.5

New Typings
173    Blaze        Passion
174    W Blaze        Passion/Flying
175    Misty Fly    Water/Ice     (some merchandise also calls her icy mist according to wiki.)
176    W MistyFly    Water/Flying
177    SilverZoom    Flying         (Based on the naming zoom and no specific information available, and it not being a filly version I assume he is a good natural flyer like RD)
178    WSlverZoom    Flying
179    Fleetfoot    Passion        
180    WFleetfoot    Passion/Flying    (Not much information and cutiemark not based on weather.)
181    High Winds    Flying
182    WHighWinds    Flying        (With a name like high winds, you assume wind attacks which are flying.)
183    FireStreak    Electric/Courage
184    W FireStrk    Electric/Flying    (Also named "Lightning Dash")
187    Sun Chaser    Kindness
188    WSunChaser    Kindness/Flying (Not much information, but looks rather kind.)
191    Wind Waker    Flying         (same reason as high winds)
192    WWindWaker    Flying
193    Tight Ship    Passion
194    WTightShip    Passion/Flying
195    Fast Clip    Courage/Courage
196    W FastClip    Courage/Flying
197    Whiplash    Passion
198    W Whiplash    Passion/Flying     (Fast clip and whiplash are something of counterparts, for now I thought having each represent courage and passion worked for wonderbolt drill instructors)
207    YMayorMare    Normal
208    Mayor Mare    Normal/Passion
209    NMayorMare    Normal/Laughter (As she's a clown, ghost would be weird.)    (Costume: Clown)
210    RvnInkwell    Normal
211    N RvnInkwl    Normal/Ghost    (Costume: Devil)
212    Y WhtLghng    Electric/Passion
213    Wht Lghtng    Electric/Passion
214    YLghtngDst    Electric
215    LghtngDust    Electric/Flying    (As good at flying as rainbowdash at the academy. (Just not caring of others))
216    YCldKicker    Passion
217    Cld Kicker    Passion
218    N CldKikr    Passion/Ghost    (Costume: Witch)
219    YSassaflsh    Electric/Passion
220    Sassaflash    Electric/Passion(was tempted to put ice for variance due to seemingly being a weather pony, but treating it as passion till final overview)
222    SunshowerR    Water         (sunshower raindrops is full name)
223    NSunshower    Water/Fighting    (Costume: Viking (seems a perfect typing))
224    StarryEyes    Kindness/Courage(Saved applejack during wonderbolt academy.)    
225    MdniteStrk    Electric/Dark    (Appears in Wonderbolts Academy. Her name is not mentioned in the show, but has been stated by art director Ridd Sorensen on Twitter. Midnight Strike originated as an OC of one of Sorensen's family members. Her cutie mark is a very dark cloud with a lightning bolt.)
226    YStarHnter    Passion
227    StarHunter    Passion
228    CarrotCake    Passion/Laughter
229    NCrrotCake    Passion/Ghost
230    Cup Cake    Passion/Laughter
231    N Cup Cake    Passion/Ghost
232    Pound Cake    Flying/Laughter    (Unusually gifted at flying for a young pegasus, as seen with pinkie when babysitting)
233    PmpkinCake    Magic/Laughter    (Unusually gifted at magic for a young unicorn, as seen with pinkie when babysitting)

(Photo finish's group, mostly seem to be stylists. probably best to add "makeover" themed moves treated as generosity.)
244    Roxie Rave    Generosity/Passion    (Part of Photo finish's crew. likes make-up and works in the spa, so classing her as similar to ponies such as rarity)
245    StlaLashes    Generosity/Normal    
246    Pwdr Rouge    Generosity/Spirit
247    Pretty Vsn    Generosity/Courage
248    Sgne Folio    Generosity/Kindness
249    Mdnght Fun    Generosity/Passion
250    RglCandent    Generosity

278    Swan Song    Normal/Generosity     (due to being friends with Fancy pants the same as golden gavel treating this and slvrFrames with generosity.)
279    GldenGavel    Spirit/Generosity     (Unicorn that holds a charity auction.)
280    SlvrFrames    Normal/Generosity    
281    Jet Set        Spirit/Passion        
282    UpperCrust    Spirit/Passion
283    Top Marks    Spirit/Magic        (One of twilight's magic examiners at school, presumably good at magic.)
284    PrmHemline    Generosity
285    SuriPolomr    Trickster/Generosity     (Fashionista, acts kind and generous, but betrays Rarity's trust.)
286    Trendrhoof    Spirit
287    Coloratura    Spirit/Passion
288    ZestyGrmnd    Normal
289    Toe Tapper    Passion
290    Torch Song    Passion
291    JadeSinger    Passion
292    Ms Hrshwny    Normal
293    CrftyCrate    Fighting/Trickster (flight ability) (Generally works in construction and removal, but tried extorting money out of fluttershy when she wanted a cherry for angel's meal.)
294    BulkBiceps    Fighting
295    YBlosmfrth    Normal
296    Blossmfrth    Normal/Passion
297    YCloudChsr    Electric
298    Cloud Chsr    Electric/Ice     ((weather pegasi/wonderbolt trainee)Taking a liberty here to add variance. alternate name storm walker and it's colour is very much like you'd expect of ice.)
299    Y Flitter    Ice
300    Flitter        Ice/Water    (flitter is similar to cloud chaser in that: "Later, she and Cloud Chaser help Rainbow Dash add some weather effects to the show." in a GM Berrow book)
301    YThndrlane    Electric
302    Thundrlane    Electric/Water    (Just to fit the theme of a storm. Hence Thunder)
303    Y Rumble    Electric
304    Rumble        Electric
305    Pipsqueak    Normal
306    NPipsqueak    Normal/Fighting    (Costume: Pirate)
307    Feathrwght    Normal
308    TrfflShffl    Normal
309    CottonCldy    Normal/Water
310    Noi        Passion
311    N Noi        Passion/Spirit    (Costume: Princess)
312    ChrryBery    Courage
313    NChrryBrry    Courage/Bug    (Costume: Bee)
314    FiddlyTwng    Passion
315    NFddlyTwng    Passion/Ghost    (Costume: Scarecrow)
316    Gldn Grape    Courage
317    NGldnGrape    Courage/Water    (Costume: Sailor bit by shark)
318    MeadowSong    Laughter/Passion    (Appeared as a clownspony in a rodeo before.)
319    NMeadowSng    Laughter/Fighting    (Costume: Ninja)
320    OrangeSwrl    Flying            (Tornado cutiemarks)
321    N OrngSwrl    Flying/Beast        (Costume: Lion)
322    PinaColada    Normal
323    NPinaClada    Normal/Bug        (Costume: Ladybug)
324    PrsErroria    Passion
325    N Erroria    Passion/Courage        (Costume: Astronaut)
326    Lemon Hrts    Spirit
327    NLemonHrts    Spirit/Beast        (Costume: Mouse)
328    Starburst    Passion
329    NStarburst    Passion/Fighting    (Costume: Viking helmet)
330    Sea Swirl    Water/Spirit
331    N SeaSwirl    Water/Fighting        (Costume: Knight)
332    UnclOrange    Honesty/Generosity    (Extended apple family but part of high society.)
333    AuntOrange    Honesty/Generosity
335    YCrmlApple    Honesty/Laughter
336    Crml Apple    Honesty/Laughter
337    AppleBmpkn    Honesty/Passion
338    AppleFrttr    Honesty/Kindness
339    Red Gala    Honesty/Kindness    (Unlike many others, she has something specific on her page, "she helps set up the Ponyville Pet Center fundraiser")
340    RDelicious    Honesty/Courage
341    GDelicious    Honesty/Courage
342    AppleCider    Honesty/Passion
343    AplMnchies    Honesty
344    AppleCbblr    Honesty/Normal
345    Jonagold    Honesty/Normal
346    AplStrudel    Honesty
347    Winona        Beast/Honesty
348    Tiberius    Beast            (while being luna's pet in the comics, dark doesn't seem to fit right.)
349    Gummy        Beast/Laughter
350    Tank        Beast/Loyalty         ("flight" ability needed (renamed from levitate))
351    Opalescnce    Beast/Generosity
352    Owlowiscs    Flying/Beast
353    Peewee        Flying/Fire
354    Philomena    Flying/Fire
355    Angel        Beast/Kindness
356    N Angel        Beast/Ghost
357    Ace Point    Spirit/Passion         (passionate about sport, also a unicorn.)
358    YNotewrthy    Normal/Passion        (mostly background but passionate about music so added passion.)
359    Noteworthy    Normal/Passion
360    Y Junebug    Kindness/Honesty
361    Junebug        Kindness/Honesty    (not much other than being kind to spike on his birthday and possibly a grower of flowers. Appears as earth pony in series but unicorn in merchandise.)
362    YCandyMane    Normal
363    Candy Mane    Normal
364    NCandyMane    Normal/Ghost        (Nothing Special on wiki, but at least the nightmare night normal ghost typing makes it more interesting)
365    H Jellious    Normal/Passion         (Picked passion due to obsession with jelly from the perfect stallion song.)(Fixed name to wiki spelling "Jellius")
366    SpklMedley    Passion/Water         (pegasus, raining cloud cutie mark. Not Canon to the show, but as close as we'll get right now in addition to the cutie mark    "I love flying in the rain! And making it rain!" — Enterplay collectible card game Canterlot Nights #23 C card of Sprinkle Medley )
367    Y Mjölna    Normal            (Background, nothing at all worthwhile)
368    Mjölna        Normal            (Background, nothing at all worthwhile)
369    Y Caramel    Normal             (background pony)
370    Caramel        Normal/Courage         (Background with nothing really defining about him, tagging on courage due to male and earth pony.)
371    Peachbottm    Honesty/Loyalty     (told ms harshwhinney about good welcome she recieved when they thought she was the equestria games official)
372    ChseSndwch    Laughter
373    TrbleShoes    Laughter/Courage
374    CrankyDdle    Passion/Loyalty        (Loyalty as he searched for Matilda for a looong time.)
375    Matilda        Passion/Kindness    (Kindness as she is simply very kind and happy as opposed to cranky initially)
376    LStronghrt    Beast/Courage (I'm thinking fast and decent Atk but lower def/sp.def.)
377    ChThndrhvs    Beast/Courage (Slow but quite strong offensively and defensively to fit a different playstyle to LStrongheart)
383    Screwball    Normal/Laughter (background pony, but a Kooky character.)
395    SunsetShmr    Magic/Fire
399    Iron Will    Beast/Fight
400    Flim        Trickster
401    Flam        Trickster
402    Timberwolf    Beast/Grass
403    Windigo        Ice/Flying
404    Ahuizotl    Beast
405    Changeling    ???/Bug
406    Kevin        ???/Bug
407    Ch Captain    ???/Fight (as a more soldier type, fighting seems fitting.)
408    Chrysalis    ???/Bug
409    Q Chryslis    ???/Magic
410     Thorax        ???/Passion (using passion due to wanting friends and sharing love)
411     Thorax Evo     ???/Harmony

Adjusted Typings
57    Dmnd Tiara    *Trickster*/*Spirit*
58    Slvr Spoon    *Trickster*/*Loyalty*
60    Snips        *Trickster*/*Spirit*
61    Snails        *Trickster*/*Laughter*
62    Y Trixie    *Trickster*
63    Trixie        *Trickster*/*Spirit*
64    GAP Trixie    *Trickster*/*Magic*
71    Y Gilda        *Trickster*
72    Gilda        *Trickster*/*Flying*
381    Ursa Minor    *Beast*/Dark
382    Ursa Major    *Beast*/Dark
393    Parasprite    Bug/*Flying*

This list is subject to change, and I will keep it updated if changes are made.