Hello all! I'm Marioland, here to properly introduce myself. As I don't know all too much about blogs, so I may seem a bit random, but hey. Be glad I'm not as random as Pinkie Pie!

I first discovered Ponymon on Youtube, although I suspect the version I saw was the original Duskshine version 0.3. It doesn't really matter anyways, as I found the proper version anyways and have come to add in my two cents for the good of ALL THE BRONIES! Well, all those that play Ponymon at least. ; )

Although I'm spending most of my time playing Ponymon (and updating the wiki), it's not the only thing I'm watching. I'm also keeping an eye out for My Little Investigations and Fighting is Magic. I'm also keeping tabs on Ponykart, which I've been playing for a while, but it's really on the back burner as it's too incomplete. That's why I'm playing so much Ponymon these last two days. In those two days, I've logged 26, almost 27 game hours of time. Why game hours? I use the speed button on my Visualboy far too often, taking it up to 600% in speed. If I seem to be leveling my charachters too fast, that's why.

Well, now that I've said some things about myself, it's time to play more Ponymon. See ya!