Something I've been working, mostly on a whim.



As you can see below, I completed Twilight and a "Battle Plot" base.

Now, everyone keep in mind, this is NOT something I've discussed implimenting with Chaos OR Flutteryay as of yet, and I don't actually want to discuss it either. As is, we've still got to finish a HUGE chunk of the battle sprites, as well as over half of the icons (76 remaining atm) before we could even THINK of implimenting something like this on a large scale. There's only two of us working graphics, and Chaos is already pulling double duty as one of the project heads (and, y'know, playing Diablo >P )

I did this mostly on a whim, and just I wanted to show it off. Until we make a bigger dent in all the graphics, that's how it's gonna stay for now.

HOWEVER, that said, If someone wanted to take the trouble to, I dunno... take screens of the various ponies and non-ponies in this pose (it's sort of common IIRC) and archive them, it would be very helpful for when we ARE ready to start implimenting something like this.